Watch Out For The Counterfeit Bibles

The foundation of most Bible versions now is the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts. These are Man's idea of what God was trying to say and are not the real words as found in the Antioch manuscripts.

Biblical Witness Against The Alexandrian Text
Which text is the Word of God, the Alexandrian, or the Byzantine? The true text of the Bible is not found in the Alexandrian manuscripts. Unfortunately, most modern Bible translations have been made from some form of the Alexandrian text

Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions by Paul L. Freeman (1931-2020)

"There are many Modern Versions on the scene today all claiming to be more accurate or more readable renderings of the Word of God. Most of these versions follow the Minority Greek Text even though that text exhibits a corruption throughout. It is unthinkable that men of God would continue to advocate the use of these versions when they are in complete possession of all the facts."

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