Faith Cometh By Hearing

There is a Balm in Gilead - Rev. Gordon Dane
One Who Can Heal

When I see the blood - Pastor David Anderson

Gospel message. God always does what He says He will.

LIGHT Its Value, Work... - Rev. Cairin Salt

Some Man Should Guide Me - Donald L. Hannah

Short gospel message on the Ethiopian eunoch

Jesus is The Christ - Pr Glenn Matthews

Salvation hangs on the ability of Jesus - not ourselves

What Does It Mean to Believe? - Pastor Allen Fox

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16))
What is meant by "believe"?

Microbiology Points to Creation - Jim Schneider

Computer codes can't write themselves


Unapologetic Apologetic Videos Hurled at Breakneck Speed
Because    Lies    Enslave    But   The   Truth   Sets   You   Free

Deplatforming Genesis. Host: Jim Schneider, ​Guest: Ken Ham (2021.04.19)

About the Anti-Christian world view permeating out culture and churches. Genesis is the foundation for the rest of the Bible and it has been attacked in a big way by the teaching of evolution and millions of years and a lot of the Church has succumbed. If you don't have the foundational history in Genesis you have no foundation for the Gospel. Genesis 1 to 11 is the geological, biological, astronomical, anthropologic history that is foundational to every Bible doctrine.

Why Evolution is Bad Science - Jim Schneider (2021.04.14)

Evolution vs. God (audio only) - Ray Comfort
Is belief in evolution founded on faith or science?

Satan's Lie Of Evolution - There Is NO God To Whom You Are Accountable - Vincent Sawyer

The Days Of Noah - Lee Cadenhead
Success without God is an illusion

The Days Of Noah, Part 2 - Lee Cadenhead

Then Began Men To Call On Lord - Jeffrey Lankford

God of the Old Testament - Theo Hikmat
Is the God of the Old Testament the Same as The God of The New Testament?

The Bible Means What It Says! - Dr. Phil Stringer

Pride Discovered and Defeated - Rev. Reginald Cranston

The Difference Between Wheat and Tares - Dr. Rod Bell Sr

The Bible is Like Honey - Mark Gladwell

True Blessing - Rev. W. Klaver

Making the Lord your Trust - Rev. Paul Foster

Goswillers Personal Testimony - Richard Goswiller
Gripping testimony: Catholic - Protestant - alcohol - drugs - eastern religions - carpet cleaning business - left his wife - saved.

In The Beginning Was The Word - Harold Williamson

The Devil is Hunting You Down - Michael J. Mayer

The Language Of The Atheist - Rev. Ivor Cartwright

Where God Is Not Found - David McClelland

One thing is Needful - C. H. Spurgeon    (preached on 15th Oct 1871)
If he will not take Jesus to be a master, the sinner cannot have him to be a saviour.

The Dark Ages Return - Rev. Mark Fineout

The Gospel Counterfeits - Ron Allen

Was Darwin Right? Part 1 - Dr. Terry Mortenson

Was Darwin Right? Part 2 - Dr. Terry Mortenson
The Fingerprints of God Are All Over Creation

Deadly Devices of Satan - Ron Allen

Textual Criticism Made Easy - Dr. Robert J. Barnett
"The First Revised version of the Word of God was made some 6000 years ago. The publisher of this new version was Satan the enemy of God."

Believer Walks in the Light - Pastor Jack Schoeman

Testimony - Mr. Maurice Morrow

Witchcraft - Robert W. Reed

An Amazing Testimony - TonyMac McMullen
A moving, intense & dramatic testimony. Jesus the name above all names - he stood on mattress and wrote it on the ceiling of his cell.

The Time to be Saved is Now! - Rev. Thomas Laverty

How to Be Happy - Dr. Greg Mazak

What all Atheists know - Dr. David P Murray

Testimony Of Mr Jim Purdy - Rev. David Creane
Recounts being kidnapped by the IRA.

The Danger of Bad Friendships - Matthew Black

The Happy Man - Rev. David Creane

Brothers and sisters of Noah - Rev. Darryl Abernethy

Christianity Gone Astray - Marc Monte

False Peace vs Biblical Peace - John Weaver

The Worst Storm in History - Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

The doctrine of Balaam part 3 - Mike Gilbert

The Devils Best Kept Secret - Dr. Rod Bell Sr.

Thy Word Have I Hid - Dean Olive

3 Big Lies of Socialism - Dr. D. James Kennedy

Socialism Steals Mens Hearts - Pastor Charles Garrison

Socialism and Envy - Dr. Richard Bacon

Rehoboam, The Foolish King - Rev. Ron Johnstone

UFO Disclosure is Coming - Mike Hoggard

A Priest, but Stranger to God - Richard Bennett
Great testimony by an ex priest.

COVID-19 Global Conditioning - Jim Schneider

From Catholicism to Christ - Richard Bennett

Reasons to Memorize Gods Word - Ron Hood

What is Your Life - Rev Andrew Patterson

Being Born Again - Pastor Tony Scheving

Foundations and Landmarks - Lee Cadenhead
As goes the home, so goes the nation.

Why Wont They Listen? - Ken Ham
False history vs true history - difficulties in communicating and understanding the Gospel.

When God Shuts the Door - Bill Rushing

Seek Ye First the Kingdom - Alan Bartley

God is love - Alan Bartley

The Season Of Opportunity - Alan Bartley

The Famine Is Coming - Ron Comfort

Defeating Kingdom of Darkness - Rev. Leslie Curran

A Sure Foundation - Rev Raymond Kemp

Bible Version explained 1 of 2 - Theo Hikmat

1.21.A Bible Versions Explained 2 - Theo Hikmat

Parable of Ten Virgins - Mark Liddle

The English Bible Before 1611 - Dr. David Allen UK

Search Me - Sins of Thought - Daniel Pigott

As he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7
Trust is the opposite of worry. Peace is the opposite of worry.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

Behold, I Stand at the Door - Alan Bartley

The Dark Ages - Rev Dr Paul Ferguson

The Choice of the Gospel - Rev. Garth Wilson

The Preacher that went to Hell - Rev. David Park

The Snare of the Devil - Rev. David Park

Remember Now Thy Creator - Rev. David Park

Get Under the Blood - Rev. Roger Higginson

Satan Made Pastors - Pastor Charles Garrison

The Only Two Religions - Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

Five Minutes to Midnight - Rev. Gordon Dane

Cyrus is Coming - Dr. Phil Stringer

The but made the difference - Rev. William McCrea

.M Compelling Evidence - Bible... - Dave Woetzel

Testimony Living a lie - Jonathan Whiteside

Testimony of Keith Shields - Dr. Ken Ell

Fear God Not Men - Pastor Ron Potter

Do You Have A Plan - Walt Schmidt

This Little Pig Had Roast Beef - Les Woodson

The Snare of the Devil - Rev. David Park

We go astray as soon as we are born. Our feet carry us further away from God every day. The longer a man lives, the further away from God he becomes. The greater the gulf between him and Heaven. The less likelihood of him being reconciled unto God. One day more lived in sin is one day more further away from Jesus and nearer Hell. Not only do we have a built in nature that takes us away from God, but there is a mighty power that seeks to keep us on the road to Hell. It is the power of the devil. From the moment a man enters The World, there has been a companion as it were by his side to draw him away from God and that is The Devil. The longer we live the stronger his grip becomes, the deeper his influence and the further away from God he brings a man. And this is evident. All you need to do is to watch the growth of any child from any home; see the marks of rebellion and sin from infant days, mark the disobedience and irreverence for spiritual things and - as the devil gains the upper hand and sin is strong and breaking free from Satan and sin becomes all the more difficult. Note the development of sinful habits, the progression of sin, the more intense disobedience as further and further away from God a young person who grows into manhood or womanhood becomes and deeper into The World and the things of the flesh Satan draws him. Understand how the powers of darkness keeps an individual in bondage and in rebellion until it is absolutely impossible to break free from The Devil's grasp. He is bringing them down to Hell. It is only the infinite grace of a mighty God and the mighty power of the blood of Jesus that can rescue any soul.

The Unchanging Law of Sowing & Reaping - Dr. Phil Stringer

Strive to Enter Narrow Gate - Jeffrey Lankford

Answering the Atheists video 1 - Theo Hikmat

Answering Atheists vid 2, pt 1 - Theo Hikmat

Answering Atheists vid 2, pt 2 - Theo Hikmat

The Moment of Death - Rev. Stanley Barnes

Jesus is God - Ronny Loveless

Majestic Legacy Part 1 - Dr. Phil Stringer

Majestic Legacy Part 2 - Dr. Phil Stringer

Modern attacks on the Bible - John J. Murray

Trojan Horse of Worldliness - Dr. David L. Brown

Worldliness is that system of values in any given age which makes sin look normal and righteousness look strange. It is more than what you do, it is what you love. If you love God you are going to keep his commanments, but if you love the world you are worldly and you are not going to keep his commandments.

The Image of God in Man - Jeffrey Lankford

The Last Gospel Call - Pooyan Mehrshahi

Odd Ball Texts - Dr. Phil Stringer

Older and Better Manuscripts - Dr. Phil Stringer

The Latin Bible - Dr. Phil Stringer

The Waldensians - Rev. Gordon Dane

Has God Preserved His Word? - Rev Malcolm Watts

Growing cold - Rev. Andrew Foster

Meekness - G. R. Procee

Delivered by the Blood Alone - Rev. David Park

Bible Versions - watch out for the counterfeit Bibles